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You can now book your instant delivery service in lagos in less than a minute. Pay using our Mobile Wallet or your card. Also experience real-time tracking of your delivery with us.

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Want us to help you collect money from your customers? We can also receive money from your customers on your behalf.

Loyalty Rewards

Enjoy lots of instant cashback rewards when you book our instant delivery service in lagos using our mobile wallet.

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instant delivery service in lagos

Who We Are

Mejor Primero Logistics is Nigeria’s foremost courier service company. Founded in 2019, we have been able to surpass others in Efficiency and Quality of Service to our clients. We are known for fast pick-up and delivery time, excellent and customer service, and extremely affordable rates.

What We Do

We offer 24 hours delivery service within Lagos. We pick up your parcel within 1 hour of booking and deliver within 24 hours. We charge a flat rate of 800 naira to all locations within Lagos state. Provision of real-time tracking immediately after booking is also available to all our clients.

Loyalty Rewards

Get amazing cashback points in our Loyalty Rewards program when you book deliveries using our Mobile Wallet. Our Mobile Wallet is easy to use and makes booking easier. All you need do is sign up, fund your Wallet and you can book your deliveries on-the-go.

You can reach out to us for custom orders