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Play the MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders Game Online and Win Real Money


About MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders Game

Snakes and Ladders is a type of board game enjoyed by two or more players and is popular in Nigeria and worldwide. The game board is a grid of squares with numerous snakes and ladders connecting them. Players roll dice to move their pawns from the starting square (1) to the finishing square (100), climbing up ladders and sliding down snakes along the way.

Other names, such as Chutes and Ladders and Bible Ups and Downs, also know this board game. The Snakes and Ladders game's origin is founded on morality, with the ladders representing virtues and the snakes symbolising vices. 

For a fun game night, play Snakes and Ladders with friends in person or online, whichever best suits you at the moment. With MPL, you can enjoy this board game online or on your phone, competing against opponents matched to your skill level. Aim to score the maximum points within a set time limit. Are you ready to give it a try? Download the MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders game APK now.

Why Play MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders Game? 

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How to Play MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders Game

  • For online play, like on MPL, you just need the app and a stable internet connection. Each player has three tokens and aims to get them all to the last square first to win.
  • In the game, landing on a snake's head means sliding down to its tail. Landing at the bottom of a ladder lets you climb up and take an extra turn. If you land on a ladder top or snake tail, you stay put. 
  • Players can't move down ladders or up snakes. You can also choose to skip a turn.
  • In the traditional board game, landing on the same square as another player's token doesn't knock anyone out, and both tokens stay put. But in online versions like MPL, landing on an opponent's token knocks theirs out, and they have to start over.
  • You must roll the exact number needed to land on the 100th square to win. If you get a different roll, you must try again on your next turn. 


What Are the General Rules for Playing Snakes and Ladders Game?

  • In the MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders game, landing on a snake's head means the token slides down to its tail, while landing on the base of a ladder lets you climb to the top. Please note that if you're at the bottom of a snake or the top of a ladder, your position stays the same, and you can't move down ladders. 
  • Tokens can share a space without knocking each other out, staying there until the next roll. As you approach the final square (100), you must roll the exact number needed to win, relying on luck for the right roll. For example, if you're on square 96 and roll a 5, you must wait for your next turn to try for a 4. If you're on square 99, you must roll a 1 to win. 

What Is the “6 Rule” in the Snakes and Ladders Game?

  • In the game of Snakes and Ladders, the "6 rule" allows a player who rolls a six to take an extra turn. After moving their piece forward, six spaces.
  • Players can roll the die again for another turn. If they land on a snake or ladder during this extra turn, they must follow the standard rules for moving their piece up or down. 
  • The player gets additional turns as long as they keep rolling sixes. This rule adds an exciting twist to the game, making it even more enjoyable for players.
  • Please remember that MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders does not have the 6 rule.

What Is the Objective or Purpose of Playing MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders?

In the MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders game, players roll a die virtually to move their pieces around the board. Landing on a ladder lets you jump ahead while a snake slides you back. The goal is to be the first to reach the final square. 


Which Snakes and Ladders Game Pays Real Money in Nigeria if You Win?

MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders game pays real money to players who win games in Nigeria. Winners can win up to ₦25,000 per game.


Download Snakes and Ldders: How to Download the MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders Game APK

How do I download and install the free MPL Naija Ludo app (APK)?

1. Tap the download button at the bottom of your mobile screen. 

2. Tap ‘download anyway’ when prompted on your screen. 

3. Open the file from the notification bar or download folder in your phone's file manager. 

4. Update your phone’s browser permissions to allow installers from MPL.

5. Tap ‘install’ to complete the installation. Now, have fun and start playing! 


Tips for Winning Playing MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders Game

  • Avoid being the first to climb a ladder if an opponent's pawn is close behind you. 
  • Be cautious when using the reroll feature in MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders. It's best not to use a reroll very early in the game. 
  • Practice and have fun playing.


Is MPL Naija Snakes and Ladders Real or Fake in Nigeria?

Yes, MPL Snakes and Ladders is a real and safe game many Nigerians play daily. Winning players in Nigeria also win real money, up to ₦25,000 per game. MPL has over 90 million active players worldwide. Other popular MPL Naija games include WhotLudo Dice and Aviator Skill.


Can I Play a Multiplayer Snakes and Ladders Game Online in Nigeria?

Yes, you can play an online 2-player multiplayer Snakes and Ladders game with MPL Naija.


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