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About MPL Naija Ludo Dice Game

Ludo is a strategy board game suitable for two to four players originating from the Indian game Pachisi and is popular in Nigeria. Many Nigerians enjoy playing the Ludo game online and offline with friends, family, and other players. With mobile phones, playing Ludo has gone online for many Nigerians with MPL Naija’s Ludo Dice, which lets you connect with other players across Nigeria and win money through online multiplayer modes. The online Ludo game has a rich history and is a favourite among gamers, providing fun and the opportunity to play and win real money anytime, anywhere in Nigeria.

Ludo Dice brings an exciting twist to the traditional Ludo game, offering a fast-paced experience for Nigerian players. 

  • In the MPL Naija Ludo version, players have four tokens and a limited time to score higher than their opponents. 
  • The game features unlimited free play, various cash contests for prizes, and a 4-minute time limit per session. 
  • Rolling a 'six' grants an extra move, and points are earned based on token positions. 
  • The player with the highest score at the end wins, adding a competitive edge to the classic game.

How to Play MPL Naija Ludo Dice Game

MPL Ludo is a two-player game in which each participant is given four pawns and a time limit of six minutes to play. When the time runs out, the player with the highest score is declared the winner. The winner of each game wins an amount of Naira.

What is the Objective of Playing the MPL Naija Ludo Dice Game?

The goal of Ludo is to be the first to move all four tokens from the start to your home column. To safely reach home, you must strategically navigate your tokens around the board, dodging and capturing opponent tokens.

Do you want to be the best at Ludo? The king or queen of Ludo? To win playing Ludo, whether online or offline, it's important to understand these standard terms:

  • Die/Dice: A rolling object with numbers 1-6 that determines players' moves.
  • Pawn/Token: Four coloured pieces each player moves around the board.
  • Home: The final destination for each pawn, marking a player's victory.
  • Safe Zone: Tiles marked with arrows indicating safety for all pawns.
  • Star Tiles: Special tiles provide a safe haven for pawns.
  • Shield Tile: A tile that becomes a safe area when occupied by two or more pawns of the same colour.
  • Capturing a Pawn: Removing an opponent's pawn from the board by landing on the same tile.
  • Extra Turn: This is earned by capturing an opponent's pawn or when a pawn reaches home. Players can also get an extra turn by rolling the die.
  • Pawn Blocking: Positioning a pawn to prevent an opponent's pawn from advancing.
  • Rule of Seven: A strategy suggesting planning at least seven moves to outsmart your opponent.

Understanding these terms will enhance your MPL Naija Ludo gameplay and increase your chances of winning real money.

Which Ludo Game Pays Real Money in Nigeria?

MPL Naija’s Ludo Dice game pays real money. You could win between ₦50 to ₦20,000 per game. MPL Naija’s WhotSnakes and Ladders and Aviator Skill are other popular real games offering real prizes in Nigeria. 

Download Ludo Dice: How to Download the MPL Naija Ludo Dice Mobile Game

How do I download and install the free MPL Naija Ludo app (APK) on your Android device?

  1. Tap download anyway when prompted. 
  2. Open the APK file from the notification bar or download folder in the file manager. 
  3. Update your mobile phone’s browser permissions to allow installers from MPL.
  4. Tap install to finish the installation and to start playing. 

 How to Become a Ludo King - Tips for Winning Playing MPL Naija Ludo Dice

Tip 1: Distribute two seeds for the defence and two for the offence.

Tip 2: Establish your defence before deploying my offensive seeds. A strong defensive setup is advantageous.

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Tips To Play MPL Naija Ludo Dice

How to Play MPL Naija Ludo Dice?

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