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How to Play Whot

The dealer distributes 5 cards to each player in the beginning of the game, and the game starts when the first card is placed by him to kick-off the game

A player can play one card on another having the same suit or number if they have number cards or they can choose to play action cards like Pick 2, Whot, Hold On etc.

You win by discarding all cards first or by having the least number of points.

Why players love playing on MPL
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Playing on MPL since May’23

Ever since I have been on MPL, I have truly been enjoying MPL’s variety of games - from an exciting round of Whot, to a fun and fast paced game of Snakes and Ladders, the platform has a fantastic user interface that makes it very easy to understand.


Playing on MPL since Nov'23

What is MPL Naija Whot?

MPL Naija Whot is a mobile game based on the traditional Whot card game you play with physical cards with friends and family. 

Whot is a strategic card game of the shedding variety, where players aim to discard all their cards by matching them with the top card of the discard pile. With special cards adding layers of strategy, this game transforms into a competitive battle of smarts and tactical skills.

MPL Naija Whot offers a safe, exciting, fast-paced card game experience where real money rewards are up for grabs. Join the Whot revolution: play, win, earn. 

This mobile Whot game is easy to play with a local Naija vibe. Compete against actual Nigerian players in this dynamic Whot game and lead the charge in the Whot revolution to win real money prizes!

How Much Money Can I Win by Playing MPL Naija Whot?

Win big with Naija's new Whot game! The amount of prize money you can earn depends on your skill level and the battles you play and win. So keep playing! You can win from 50 NGN to 50,000 NGN per battle. Plus, compete in leaderboard competitions for the chance to win even more money.

What is the Whot Card Game?

The Whot card game was first conceptualised and trademarked by William Henry Storey in 1935 in the UK. The game was introduced to the market and popularised by W.H. Storey & Co. of Croydon, a company established by Storey. Since then, the Whot card game has become highly popular in Nigeria as a household game.
MPL Naija Whot has created a mobile game based on this popular card game, which offers players fun gameplay from their smartphones' convenience with the chance of safely earning real money. Try the hottest new Whot game in Naija!

Why Play MPL Mobile Games?

  • Join 90 million+ who play 100% safe and secure fun real-money mobile games with instant money withdrawals on offer.
  • MPL games are not only fun and engaging but also a secure and legally compliant platform for real money gaming, earning the trust of its user base with a top-notch gaming experience.
  • MPL Naija Whot is a mobile game based on the Naija version of the Whot card game, which offers fast, entertaining gameplay. As a bonus, you can safely earn real money by participating and winning in the lobbies. Win fantastic prizes with Naija's new Whot game!


Popular Words Used in MPL Whot Naija Card Game

Circles, triangles, squares and stars. It’s a battle of pick two’s, general markets and suspensions— all in the race to see who finishes their deck first. It’s where strategy meets banter, and every deal is a gamble to the finish. It’s Whot, and now it’s digital.
Here's a list of common terminology used in the MPL Naija Whot card game app:

  1. Whot Card: A powerful card that can be played anytime, allowing the player to change the suit, which the next player has to follow.
  2. Market: The draw pile where players pick up cards when they cannot play or as instructed by specific card effects.
  3. Hold On: This command-type card allows the player to take another turn immediately while others skip a turn.
  4. Pick Two: A card that forces the next player to draw two additional cards from the market.
  5. Suspension: A card that forces the next player to skip a turn.
  6. General Market: This refers to the 14 cards that force all other players, except the one who played it, to draw one card each.
  7. Leaderboards: Rankings that display the top players or high scores in the game.
  8. Suits: Categories of cards in the game, like circles, triangles, crosses, etc.
  9. Number Cards: The regular numbered cards in each suit, Circle, Cross, Star or Square suit, which are numbers 1 to 14.


What is a Money Game in Nigeria?

A money game usually refers to any mobile game that offers players the potential ability to win real money that can be withdrawn at any time. Legitimate money games, like MPL Naija Whot, are 100% safe, secure and legal to play in Nigeria. Other fun and safe MPL money games include Ludo DiceSpadesAviator Skill and Snakes and Ladders.


How to Play Whot? 

Let's understand how to play Whot online on MPL!

Objective Of The Game 

The objective of the card game Whot is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards from your hand by playing them onto a discard pile. This is achieved by matching the number or suit of the card in your hand with the top card on the discard pile. 

Number of players

Whotcan be played with multiple players between 2 and 6, with a standard deck of 54 cards. Traditionally, the game continues until one player successfully empties their hand and is declared the winner of that round, but in a time bound situation a point-based scoring mechanism is followed

Rules and Gameplay

Let's understand how the game progresses and learn important rules of this Whot game:

Dealing the Cards

The dealer proceeds to deal 5 Whot cards to each player, shrouded in suspense. These cards may be mixed suits.

Turn Sequence

The Whot round initiates with the player seated next to the dealer and progresses in a clockwise direction. As the game unfolds, players take their turns strategically.

Winning the Game

The player that sheds all of their cards within the time limit will win the game. If the timer runs out while all players have one or more cards, the player with the lowest score/least amount of cards will win.

Why Play Whot on MPL?

If you are looking for the perfect platform to play Whot, MPL is what you need. Here are all the reasons why:

MPL provides a wide range of games, and Whot adds diversity to your gaming options. 

You can easily compete against other players or the dealer in a multiplayer setting, which can be highly enjoyable. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, the thrill of competition at MPL is always engaging.

On MPL, you have the opportunity to win real money prizes by playing Whot. It's a fun way to test your skills and potentially earn rewards.

MPL's user-friendly interface and mobile app make it convenient to play Whot anytime, anywhere. Enjoy gaming on your terms, whether it's during your commute or from the comfort of your home.

MPL often offers bonuses, promotions, and loyalty programs that can boost your gameplay and potential winnings.

Whot Winning Strategies 

Let's unpack the best strategies to ensure you win the game, even at an unlimited stakes table.

Understand the Cards

Know the different cards in the deck and their abilities. Some cards allow you to change the suit, skip turns, or pick up cards.

Observe Opponents

Pay attention to the cards your opponents are playing and try to anticipate their moves. This can help you strategize your own plays and block their progress.

Save Special Cards

Special cards like the "Pick Two" or "Hold On" can be powerful tools to disrupt your opponents' gameplay. Save them for crucial moments or when you need to change the direction of the game.

Manage Your Hand

Try to maintain a balance between playing cards to progress and holding onto cards that might be useful later. Don't forget to use strategy when choosing which cards to play and when.

Timing is Key

Sometimes, holding onto a powerful card until the right moment can turn the game in your favor. Be patient and wait for the opportune time to play your best cards.

Stay Flexible

Be prepared to adapt your strategy based on the cards you're dealt and the changing dynamics of the game. A flexible approach can help you respond effectively to different situations.

Watch Out for Bluffs

Just like in poker, players may bluff or pretend to have certain cards to deceive opponents. Stay observant and cautious of such tactics.

Control Your Emotions

Emotions can play a significant role in your decision-making. Stay level-headed, especially when the stakes are high. Avoid impulsive bets based on frustration or excitement.

Whot Game Variations

Be aware of any variations or house rules that might apply to the Whot game you are playing. Different platforms may have unique rules that can impact your strategy, so stay informed.

It's Time To Play Whot on MPL and Indulge in Pure Enjoyment!

Whot is exciting, where strategic decisions, skill, and a bit of luck combine to create a thrilling game. Whether you are aiming for strategizing or playing for leisure, this game offers both newcomers and seasoned players an exciting path to victory and rewards. Download the MPL app today to play your hand.

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